ODAK Gel Card Centrifuge

  • Capacity of 12 and 24 pieces.
  • Optimized speed and time are set.
  • Visual and audible warnings in case of unbalanced loading, power cut or the end of the process time.
  • The remaining operation time and centrifuge speed can be displayed on the digital screen.

ODAK Gel Card Incubator

• Capacity of 24 cards.
• 2 separate blocks can work independently and can show the remaining operation time and temperature values on the digital screen.
• It is preset to the temperature of 37 ⁰C and process duration of 15 minutes. If desired, the temperature and duration can be changed.
• Visual and audible warnings in case of a power cut and the end of process time.

ODAK Gel Card Reader

  • • The structure of the device allows fitting into the smallest spaces.
    • It can detect automatically loaded tests and present the results without any interference.
    • If the user requests, s/he can make changes to the test results.
    • It has a CCD camera which evaluates the image analysis on the original image.
    • All your data is safe thanks to bidirectional connection to LIS system. The images of the test cards can be sent to the LIS system if requested.

ODAK Working Table, Dispenser and Easypipette Set

Workstation; It provides convenience for pipetting.
Dispenser; fast and safe use, can be used with 100 ml and 500 ml bottles.
Pipette; It allows you to work quickly and safely with suitable shot intervals acc.to test procedure, and is suitable for both right and left-handed use.