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ODAK Gel Cards

Odak Gel Cards are a unique 8-column gel card featuring column agglutination technology (CAT) for blood group typing and investigating unexpected antibodies.

Odak Red Blood Cells

A complete range of reagent red blood cells for column agglutination technology (CAT) used in daily immunohematology laboratory operations.

ODAK Gel System Instruments

A group of benchtop devices designed for the manual processing of Odak Gel Cards.

ODAK Brucella Coombs Gel Test

It is based on the detection of agglutination-related reactions that occur as a result of binding of IgG and IgM antibodies developed against B. abortus, B. melitensis, B.suis in patient serum samples by gel centrifugation in Coombs medium.

ODAK Quality Controls

Immunohematology quality controls for the ODAK Gel System support accurate and reliable pretransfusion testing.

ODAK Complement Solutions

Complementary solutions for the ODAK Gel System including ODAK Gel Liss, ODAK Cell Media, ODAK Papain, Bromelase 30.

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All of ODAK branded products are CE certified and comply with EU norms.

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Who we are

"ODAK" from ISLAB Biotech

To serve human life!

ISLAB was established in 2007 and has been engaged in research and development activities for four years.

In 2011, its R&D activities were concluded and its first products, newborn screening kits (Neonatal TSH, Neonatal Fluorescence PKU, Neonatal Fluorescence and Colorimetric Biotinidase) were producted. ODAK established as brand of the ISLAB Biotech products since 2011.

In 2012, Brucella Coombs Gel method was developed for the first time in the world, productized and offered this product to the service of humanity.


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